Beautiful Bonjour-nies: Top 10 Most Travelable Cities in France

France is a beautiful country located in Western Europe that’s a dream travel destination for many people. Known for the Eiffel Tower, France is a perfect travel spot for the romantics and fanatics of the art. Not just for Eiffel Tower, but France has many tourist destinations that will surely awe every traveler’s eye and make every step in France worth it. Though France is not exactly a big country, one may still be confused about where to go and what to visit. So, here are ten of the most travelable and must-visit cities in France and what to expect in each one!

  • Paris

It is a must that every traveler visit the beautiful city capital of France. In Paris, you’ll see the world-famous Eiffel Tower by Gustave Eiffel that has been the trademark or icon for France for many years now. Whether day or night, the view of the Eiffel Tower is definitely something you have to see at least once in a lifetime. As the center for culture, art, history, and fashion, Paris also contains the famous home of the Mona Lisa, The Louvre Museum, Notre Dame, Moulin Rouge, and city cafes that make the place romantic and mesmerizing. All these make this city worthy to be on every traveler’s list.

  • Avignon

This city is for big history fans! Avignon is probably a city that’s written in many history books and heard in many history classes. But, aside from its past, the present Avignon is also a city worth visiting. Though, unlike Paris, the attractions in Avignon are more historical yet interesting architectures. One is the Pont d’Avignon which shows a pretty view of a pretty bridge and a small yet eye-catching chapel. Pont d’Avignon is an important historical architecture that used to connect the papal state of Comtat Venaissin and France. Aside from this, Avignon also has Palais des Papes and Ferry to L’ile de la Barthelasse which are all interesting and stunning architectures.


  • Bordeaux

For wine lovers, Bordeaux is the city to go to. Bordeaux is a city famously known as a wine-growing region. This being said, Bordeaux wines are something travelers have to try when they visit the city, and their tongues will be left stunned by the richness and taste of the wine. However, this isn’t the only thing that makes Bordeaux a must-visit city. Bordeaux also houses a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Cathedral of Saint Andrew which is a beautiful structure and place of worship that dates way back 12th century. Aside from these, Bordeaux also has the Grand Théâtre, Place de la Bourse, and more basilicas and museums that are an eye-stunner.

  • Chartres

Housing another UNESCO World Heritage Site, Chartres is another must-visit city in France. Famous for the Chartres Cathedral, this cathedral is known as the finest Gothic Cathedral and has been recognized as a heritage site since 1979. Aside from this, Chartres is also a medieval city so it’s common to see old, stone bridges and houses that are beautiful to look at while you’re on your way to visit tourist attractions such as Maison Picassiette and Bel Air Frescoes. You can also do other activities here like river cruising and bike tours as a break from the usual sightseeing. Bonus, Chartres is only an hour away from the main city, which makes it an easy journey.

  • Cannes

Home of the film festival that thousands of people look forward to, Cannes is a beautiful city in France that’s literally the definition of the life of the party. Aside from hosting an internationally recognized film festival, Cannes also houses casinos and tasty restaurants that are good places to get together and have fun. With the stunning beach view on the sideline, a day in Cannes is heaven. In Cannes, you can do lots of leisure activities like doing sports, learning about their culture, watching cinema, visiting more attractions both on land and sea, and just enjoying the atmosphere of the lively and beautiful place.

  • Lourdes

Sixth on this list is the beautiful city of Lourdes. Lourdes is a beautiful city where visitors can do most of the outdoor activities like canyoning, kayaking, yoga, and paddling for water activities. While if they love the grasses, there are also activities like hiking, mountain climbing, rock climbing, and even bungee jumping. Even Lourdes is a famous city for these outdoor and sports activities, it does not lack beautiful tourist attractions for those who prefer to do more sightseeing. Lourdes houses beautiful attractions like the Castle Fort of Lourdes, Pic du Jer, Pic du Midi de Bigorre, and the Gavarnie Cirque, to name a few.

  • Marseille

Known as the oldest city in France, Marseille is another must-visit place for all France travelers. Marseille is like the best of both worlds. It’s full of natural attractions like islands and beaches and beautiful man-made attractions like museums, making it one of the best cities to visit in France. With more than 26 centuries in its history, some of the places that have made their mark in Marseille are the Mucem, La Canebiere, The Orange Velodrome Stadium, and the Abbey of Saint-Victor for man-made attractions. While for natural tourist spot destinations, these include the Calanques National Park and the islands of Frioul or Château d’If’.

  • Montpellier

With a mix of modern and medieval architecture, Montpellier is one city full of attractions. From strolling in attractions like Place de la Comédie to admiring beautiful street art, Montpellier has it all. Some of Montpellier’s famous attractions include Opéra Comédie, Musée Fabre de Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, and Galerie St Ravy. But, this is not the only thing you have to take note of Montpellier. In Montpellier, not only your eyes but also your taste buds will be delighted. With 3 Michelin star restaurants and sweets all over the markets as you stroll, Montpellier is definitely a delightful place for the tummy. The wines are a bonus too!

  • Nice

If there’s one thing to describe the city of Nice, it’s nice. From enjoying the beautiful surrounding waters to strolling along city streets, everything about this city is just nice and beautiful. Some of the city’s famous attractions include La Colline du Château –which gives a beautiful view of Nice, Baie des Anges, and the Alps,–the Old Port, the Old Town, Cours Saleya’s Markets, Museums of Cimiez Hill, and walking along the Promenade des Anglais. All of Nice is just, nice. The best thing is, no matter what season or when you want to visit, Nice will always be a perfect place to add to your France trip.

  • Versailles

Last but definitely not least in this list, Versailles is the best way to wrap up your French journey. This city is widely known for the Palace of Versailles which is one of the greatest achievements in French Art and is considered to be one world heritage site, with its beauty shining through all of its architecture. Aside from the palace though, there are more attractions in Versailles that would make your trip incomplete if you don’t visit them. Some of these include the Equestrian Academy of Versailles, the Versailles Gardens, the classic Notre Dame Market, Carrés Saint Louis, and the Coach Gallery.

That’s the end of the list! Make sure to visit these ten cities, to ensure that your France trip is complete and that you don’t miss out on all things beautiful and French! Au revoir!

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