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Top 10 most popular restaurants in Paris, France

Apologies To Keep You Waiting, But Here Are The Top 10 Most Popular Restaurants In Paris, France

Wait, hold on a minute. Did you think that we will start right off the bat? It is like eating dessert without even hearing about the main course and the entrees. Here in this article, we will take you on a slow but transactional journey of Paris and then conclude with your hearts feeling full.

About – We all have heard about Paris, or as the infamous saying goes, City of Love. It is one of the most populated cities in France. Apart from its exquisite food that is enjoyed all around the world and even recognized by all, this is a city that is also known for its finance, diplomacy, fashion, art, paintings, and history.

Concept – The concept of French cuisines has been imparted from generations and generations, where there are people who will follow the same recipe and will use the traditional form of cooking. The cuisine was minimal at approach until there was a widespread influence from supporting cultures like Italy, Spain, Germany, and even Belgium. In the later years, many renowned chefs would take inspiration from foreign cuisines and would add a French twist to them. Some of the secondary products like cheese and wine were considered staples in traditional France and are still considered today.

In the older times, cuisines were categorized into urban elite and peasant cuisine that was mainly the similar dishes that were cooked in the town regions and countryside regions of France. Not many households were able to keep up with the cooking of the rich class and hence gave birth to new easy recipes.

Restaurants In Paris

Types – In a country like France, there are variations in the types of cooking. Most of these variations arrive from the early centuries that are being followed now in all of France. They are strategic and categorized into three main types that are –

  • National Cuisine– Some of the dishes under this are considered as a part of the national French cuisine day. For example – A meal would always be of a three-course that gets further divided into –
  • Introductory Course– hors oeuvre, which is like a soup, to warm the palate and with this some bread.
  • Plat Principal– This is the main course, it is usually served with an average on the side, and the portion varies from city to city. Still, if we are talking specifically about Paris, then the portions are small but the food is decorated.
  • Fromage– This is a cheese course, that at times is eaten with bread and red wine by the side. Some cheese dishes also qualify for dessert.
  • Regional Cuisines– Each region of France has its features and characteristics. Similarly, every regional cuisine has its style of cooking dishes. Some of the regions like –
  • Central Regions– Anything and everything are almost available in this part of town, where the train lines meet. There are highly notable and Michelin star hotels here as well if one wants Michelin to wine and dine.
  • Coastal Regions – These regions are famous for their seafood, especially their sea bass and monkfish. Regions of Normandy, have dockyards that serve you with high-quality seafood like oysters and lobsters.
  • Valley and Hilly Regions – These types of regions are known for their wine and brewery. High-quality fruits like cheery pears, peach, blackcurrants are all used and grown for their liqueur.
  • Season Speciality– The one attribute that takes place is that there is a variation in the processing of foods, where it depends on the seasons. In summers, salads and fruits are eaten as they are inexpensive and abundant. While in hunting and winter seasons, a lot of seafood and wine is consumed, respectively.

Restaurants In Paris

If you have read it this far, I salute you, since you have eagerly waited long enough, here are the Top 10 most popular restaurants in Paris, France. Here we are only talking about Paris, with no other region. Starting –

  1. Restaurant Guy Savoy– It is overall a great restaurant, with exceptional service, amazing food and overall noted for their impeccable hygiene.
  2. Le Meurice Alain Ducasse– This is an extraordinary 2 – Michelin star restaurant that has an elegant cuisine that takes shape and inspiration from European style setting.
  3. Pavillon Ledoyen– It is considered to be one of the oldest restaurants in Paris. More than a restaurant it is considered a historical site, holding onto its beauty and art; it is truly compelling and diverse when one eats in this restaurant.
  4. Le Cinq at 4 Seasons at George V– It is luxurious but at the same time welcoming. There consists of a dining room that is painted in gold, has white flowers, oil paintings that are hung onto the walls. It serves French food with an authentic contemporary flair.
  5. Apicius – This is a restaurant that was opened in the early 2000s, and it looks majestic. It is a restaurant that has rooms for hotel services. The food served here is traditional and light.
  6. Arpège– This is a chic place if one wants to have harmonious French food. This is a place that serves food flavored to perfection and has no extra spices or ingredients added to it.
  7. Epicure– This is divided into 2 parts – Winter and Summer. According to the season play, they make themselves open for customers to enjoy the right cuisine and the right time.
  8. Lasserre – Their key concept is fine dining with gaining a charming experience. They do classic dishes which includes seasonal fruits and vegetables like figs, pears, zucchini, etc.
  9. Le Jules Vern– This takes a fine dining experience to a whole new level. This is located at the second level of the Eifel Tower.
  10. Kei– This is the first-ever Japanese style restaurant that is considered a gastronomical powerhouse.

Conclusion – If one wants to understand more about French Cuisine, then they can follow up with extensive research, but vising even one of these restaurants in one’s lifetime is a dream come true.








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