Best Hotel Gyms

Get in Shape at the 5 Best Hotel Gyms in Las Vegas

Best Hotel Gyms

The hotel gyms have hit their pace in the recent few years. Gone are those days where you have to skip your gym while you are traveling for vacation or business purposes. In the present day’s healthy-minded travelers look for a quality fitness center with the hotel.

And smart Las Vegas hotels are finally offering their visitors advanced boutique-style exercise classes, cardio equipment, personal training sessions, and also amenities galore in your favorite hotel gym.

With the best hotel gyms in Las vegas like the following, you will have no excuses to skip your exercise on a trip.

So, let’s now know in detail about the 5 best hotel gyms in Las Vegas to get in shape no matter where you go for a trip!

What Most Las Vegas Hotel Gyms Have in Common

Even in Las Vegas, fitness centers vary. However, there are a few commonalities that you will find at a maximum of the hotel workout centers in Las Vegas.

Treadmills, weights, Dumbbells, etc.

 Best Hotel Gyms

Except for a few hotel gyms in Las Vegas, you are going to notice a set of common equipment at the hotel fitness centers in Las Vegas like treadmills, weights, dumbbells, etc. Keep in mind that your hotel must have all the science-fictiony stuff in it to attract travelers.

Over the last few years, hotels in Las Vegas are preferring high-tech exercise and ntaifitness gym equipment for sale. In today’s modern hotel gyms, you will find more or less every gym equipment that a standard gym must-have.

Free Access for Resort Guests

 Best Hotel Gyms

Except for very few, access to the workout equipment at hotel workout centers of Las Vegas gets coverage in the resort fee that hotel guests pay every day of their stay there. The resort fee generally covers up to two adults’ access to the hotel gym.

In case you wish to take part in Pilate exercise, yoga classes, or spin, however, you will need to make a reservation first and also pay a fee for that.

By the way, a maximum of the Las Vegas hotel fitness centers are frequently are a part of the larger unit of the hotel devoted to physical comfort, so you will usually find massages, spa amenities, and saunas close at hand.

Moreover, unless you have noted, the hotel fitness centers all need customers to be over 18 years old to access these services.

Best Hotel Gyms In Las Vegas

 Best Hotel Gyms

Let’s accept it, more or less we all love to eat when we go out and only a few of us relish working out those extra calories. But when you are in Las Vegas there’s no need to stop exercise.

In reality, with the number of good facilities around, one might just wish to hit the gym even twice a day during their stay at a hotel. Here’s a list of the top 5 best hotels with gyms in Las Vegas. Let’s check out below…

Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

Best Hotel Gyms

Located next to the pool deck (this allows you to watch people relishing themselves whereas you suffer working out), the Westgate resort’s gym features a collection of high-tech fitness cardio equipment, and also free weights and weight machines.

And of course, you have not come to Las Vegas just for a workout session. Thus, you will be glad to know that this Westgate resort is wedged in between the Downtown and Stirp, so it is close to an overabundance of casinos around it.

The fitness center of Westgate resort has a diversity of cardio equipment (exercise bikes, treadmills, etc.) and is next to the Serenity Spa of Westgate resort, so you will have a lot of relaxation choices after your exercise.

Open from 5 in the morning until 7 in the evening daily, the Westgate resort’s gym is free for all hotel guests, even though there is a charge in case you want to add Serenity Spa to the routine. For further info, you can visit the official website of Westgate Resort.

Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino

 Best Hotel Gyms

Like numerous of the resorts in Las Vegas, the hotel gym at Caesars Palace is adjacent to the resort spa. This means you will have 50,000 sq. ft of private nirvana where you can wander about.

Unquestionably, spin classes and treadmills are fun, but there is also high-tech cardio equipment for your work out there.

And after working out you can relax in a laconium room or a sauna. Or you can also try out Caesars Palace’s arctic cold room in case you want to. Afterward, you can also get a massage for relaxation.

At the Caesars Palace, the resort fee will cover access for two (adults) to the hotel gym, which is available daily from 6 in the morning to 8 in the evening.

You can also check out their official website for further information.


Non-guests of the resort are similarly welcome at the hotel gym for a payment ranging from $55-$65 per person.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

 Best Hotel Gyms

At the Cosmopolitan there are a total of two fitness centers, one is situated in the Boulevard Tower and another one is situated in the Chelsea Tower.

The Chelsea fitness center is the bigger among these two at over 5,000 sq. ft. It has 12 treadmills, 6 elliptical machines, recumbent and upright bikes, resistance strength equipment, a movement studio, tennis courts, a free weight area, and also a Kinesis Wall.

On the other hand, the Boulevard fitness center is smaller at around 2,000 sq. ft. but, contrasting Chelsea, it is open 24 hours a day. It has a similar variety of treadmills, stationary bikes, a free weight area, and resistance strength equipment.

ARIA Resort (Las Vegas Hotels)

 Best Hotel Gyms

In determination to offer visitors “the gym from the future,” the ARIA resort has prepared its fitness center with advanced strength and cardio training equipment.

ARIA provides an unbelievable range of treadmills, a motion that perfectly adjusts in speed as well as climbers and inclines that challenge the most devoted athletes out there.

The gym machines also consist of collaborating technology that can deliver custom training instructions and routines on how to utilize the equipment, efficiently putting a computer-generated trainer.

Additionally, the hotel gym’s polished atmosphere and floor-to-ceiling windows make it an enjoyable space to work out hard, day or night.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Fitness Center In Las Vegas

 Best Hotel Gyms

The hotel fitness center at Mandarin Oriental supplies wellness-minded visitors in just about every possible way. This fitness center has free weights, cardio machines, a Concept2 rower, and a Kinesis Wall.

Bottled waters, chilled towels, and also fresh fruits are at your disposal as well as an airy yoga studio delivers great views when you exercise the spirit, mind, and body.

Kinesis Circuit Training, Body Sculpt, Pilates, and also Boot Camp break training classes are similarly available here.

The fitness center of Mandarin Oriental is open from 6 in the morning to 9 in the evening.


Nowadays, with our modern high-paced lifestyle, the workout is way more important than ever. It is not only astonishing, but it is also commendable that a lot of Las Vegas resorts have spent loads of dollars to backing us in our fight to overcome the unavoidable consequences of the inactive lifestyle our time pushes upon us.

The hotel fitness centers in Las Vegas deliver the opportunity to exercise to their customers even when they are on a trip!

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